At Eli Bridge Company, we aim high when it comes to craftsmanship, quality and innovation. From our Park Model BIG ELI Wheels to our newest, brightest Signature Series BIG ELI Eagle 16 Electric Rim-Drives, our rides have been longtime favorites at county fairs, festivals and carnivals � and for good reason. They are proven to be flashy, durable and, of course, absolutely thrilling!

Our company�s 100-plus year history in the industry has given us a firm foundation to build upon and to meet the demands of the future. Our classic BIG ELI Wheel, for example, stands the test of time, yet we are always improving and modernizing the design. Our Next Generation Mobile Scrambler is one of the flashiest high-capacity rides available in the industry, and it is easy to erect and transport.

Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself � you can expect only the best from Eli Bridge Company. Our family-owned company strives to satisfy every customer, a tradition we�ve proudly upheld for over 100 years. We will customize any of our rides to fit your specifications, whether it�s with color or lighting. You name it � we�ll do it!

We invite you to peruse our Website to learn more about Eli Bridge Company and our products and services. Enjoy your ride!